Ultramid® N-333 PA 66

Polyamide 66


Performance Solutions:


It’s hard to imagine that power steering reservoirs were once constructed of thin metal. As technology has provided many fuel-efficient advancements, the one-time metal reservoirs have now been converted to plastic. Initially, they were designed using black (opaque) tops with translucent bottoms. This took advantage of the design flexibility of polymers, but it was difficult to read the fluid level because engine compartments are very compact without much room between components. The only way to really read the fluid level was to open the cap. Another drawback to this design was that both plastic materials had to be warehoused to create the black topped, containers with translucent bottoms.


Ultramid® N333 PA66 is the clear choice for Power Steering Reservoirs, as this resin enables the design of a completely translucent bottle for improved fluid visibility and enhanced visual impact under the hood. With only one material to keep track of, it also streamlines the supply chain and provides for a simpler manufacturing process. Translucent reservoirs are now required by many OEM and Tier automotive parts manufactures. Ultramid® N333 can be used for many other areas under the hood and in the chassis, and has the potential to be considered for similar non-automotive applications.


Ultramid® N333 possess the excellent properties and attributes of polyamide. These capabilities range from its high heat and fatigue resistance to its excellent flow and processing - all in a translucent resin.


Key Properties:


    High Mechanical Strength & Stiffness
    Excellent Temperature Resistance
    Very good Chemical Resistance
    Outstanding Fatigue Resistance
    Good Resistance to Friction & Wear




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