Ultramid® BG50XFI

Polyamide 6 (PA6)


Performance Solutions:


The lawn & garden and consumer & industrial markets are about to get a colorful boost in the products they offer to end users by utilizing Ultramid® BG50XFI. This material was developed to support large part / thin walled injection molding applications that require custom coloring, impact resistance, a high gloss surface and resistance to UV (ultraviolet) rays.


Ultramid® BG50XFI is an impact modified polyamide 6 material designed for injection molding applications where good flow and processability is required. This material provides higher impact performance than that of conventional polyamide 6 materials while maintaining good strength, stiffness and resistance to chemicals. Ultramid® BG50XFI is available in natural and pigmented versions and can be combined with a UV stabilization package to support Lawn & Garden and Industrial & Consumer applications.


Key Properties:


    Product/part performance versus cost
    Good processing characteristics
    Impact resistance
    Chemical resistance
    Fatigue strength
    Custom colorable
    UV resistance




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