Ultramid® B3WGM24 HPX BK 23210

Polyamide 6 (PA6)


Performance Solutions:


In striving to help our customers be successful, BASF developed the faster cycle time and 40% improved flow grade, Ultramid® B3WGM24 HPX BK 23210. This new grade was developed to meet the demand for improved flow without the need to purchase larger injection molding machines for new part production.


This material, a PA 6 injection molding grade, reinforced with 10% fiberglass and 20% mineral, enables injection molders to put larger parts in smaller machines based on reduced clamp tonnage requirements. An extra benefit provided by the higher flow is reduced wall thickness, allowing for weight reduction for overall lower part cost.


The fiberglass and mineral provides a combination of strength and part flatness needed for automotive applications such as engine beauty and NVH covers.


Ultramid®B3WGM24 HPX BK 23210 yet again illustrates that the success of our customers is essential to every aspect of development, design and application of our products.


Features and Benefits:


    Weight reduction via reduced wall thickness
    Faster cycle time = reduced part cost
    Lower clamp tonnage + smaller machine = reduced cost and capital investment in molding machines




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  Ultramid® B3WGM24 HPX BK23210
Ultramid B3WGM24 HPX BK23210 is a very high productivity, 30% glass/mineral reinforced heat stabilized injection molding PA6 grade for components that require medium rigidity, excellent dimensional stability, low warpage out of the tool and excellent appearance.

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