Ultramid® A3WG7 HP

Glass reinforced polyamide 66 grade


Performance Solutions:


BASF Engineering Plastics has developed a new high performing Ultramid® grade that provides exceptional value, especially for Automotive Powertrain Components like cylinder head covers. Ultramid® A3WG7 HP is a glass reinforced polyamide 66 grade that offers a black, glossy, resin rich surface appearance, along with a 7% increase in weld strength and has shown up to 30% higher flow rates . The amazing appearance adds to the stylized look of the engine compartment. The improved flow allows components to be manufactured on smaller, more economical equipment while contributing to a reduction in the overall manufacturing cycle time.


This grade was developed based on OEM and resin processors requirements reflecting BASF's strategic goal on “helping our customer be successful”. Faster cycle time and using smaller injection molding machines also allows for lower energy usage thus reducing the overall carbon footprint, another benefit of using Ultramid® A3WG7 HP.


Features and Benefits:


    Enhanced appearance
    Faster cycle time
    Lower clamp tonnage
    Higher weld strength
    Lower cost part production
    More attractive components
    Stronger welds for more robust parts




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  Ultramid® A3WG7 HP BK20560
Ultramid A3WG7 HP BK20560 is a 35% glass reinforced, heat stabilized, injection molding PA66 grade with excellent flow and surface finish.

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