Ultramid® A3W2G10

Polyamide 66


Performance Solutions:


Focusing on the needs of our customers and consumers, BASF developed Ultramid® A3W2G10, a 50% glass fiber reinforced material engineered to meet the requirements of cooler end caps and ducting in turbo charging systems. In keeping with market needs to provide high value products that reduce part cost, Ultramid A3W2G10 can endure a continuous temperature of 210°C, surpassing PA 66 typical long-term useful range of 140°C-150°C.


This grade can replace more expensive resins like polyphthalamide and polyamide 46, lowering the overall part cost. Even with 50% glass reinforcement, this material has excellent processing flow properties, and provides a superior surface appearance. Vibration welding of the material is easy, allowing for the weld strength to remain high after heat aging. Ultramid A3W2G10 also provides"metal-to-plastic" opportunities, enabling OEM's to reduce vehicle weight, improving gas mileage and reduced emissions.


Key Properties:


    Special heat stabilizing system
    Useful temperature range -40 to 210°C
    Excellent processing properties and weldability
    High stiffness and strength
    Excellent long-term heat aging characteristics
    Resistance to engine fluids and cleaners
    Low creep properties
    Exceptional surface appearance


Ultramid A3W2G10



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  Ultramid® A3W2G10 BK20560
Ultramid A3W2G10 BK20560 is a 50% glass fiber reinforced injection molding PA66 grade.

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