Ultraform® H 4320 PRO

Acetal (POM)


Ultraform H 4320 PRO can be used for functional parts in devices such as insulin pens or powder inhalers as well as for plug in connectors or medical device handles.




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  Ultraform® H 4320 PRO
Ultraform H 4320 PRO is an unfilled injection molding POM grade, which supports customers in product development for the medical technology market. This grade complied with US Pharmacopoeia: Biological Reactivity Tests, USP Plastic Class VI (USP VI), ISO 10993-5: Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices Part 5: Test for Cytotoxicity, DMF: A Drug Master File (DMF) has been registered at FDA for UltraformŽ PRO and Food Contact: UltraformŽ PRO is in compliance with multiple regional food contact regulations, especially for Europe and United States.

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