Better engine performance. Lower emissions.


Replace metal in fuel systems with the high-performance Ultramid® plastic, and get the benefits of its high mechanical strength, stiffness and thermal stability.


Along with toughness, resilience and outstanding chemical resistance, Ultramid will help you are to help you reach your lightweighting goals for increased fuel efficiency. As an added bonus, it's also easy to process for even more efficiency on your manufacturing line.


For use in sophisticated components that need to withstand the high stresses of fuel systems, BASF recommends Ultraform® polyoxymethylene. It features a wide array of ideal properties such as high rigidity and stiffness, good resilience, excellent resistance to chemicals and dimensional stability. Combined into one high-performance product, these benefits are what sets Ultraform apart from traditional options.


Conductive Ultraform is ideal for fuel pumps and fuel sending units, and Ultramid polyamide is well suited for carbon canisters, fuel filter housings and fuel rails.