Thriving under the hood


Engine covers require a certain type of material to thrive under the hood. BASF offers several materials to meet the key technical requirements for these applications, including NVH performance and excellent aesthetics.


BASF has developed glass mineral grade resins with improved flow, capable of making thin walled parts to 2 mm. We have also developed urethane systems for 'all urethane' engine covers.


For example, with Ultramid® B3WGM24a 30% glass/mineral reinforced, heat-stablized, injection molding grade plastic—manufacturers get the best of function and form from their engine covers.


This material combines particularly high resistance to bursting pressure with very good dimensional stability, while its surface characteristics allow the creation of aesthetically pleasing products.


For covers exposed to very high temperatures, try resins that retain a beautiful appearance even after long-term exposure to 170° C. We can even add color to engine covers, letting you enhance your brand under the hood.