Chemistry for health and wellbeing


Plastic and polyurethane materials are being used to an increasing extent in medical technology and diagnostics.


Depending on the use, materials must be resistant to caustic solutions and chemicals, as well as extremely heat resistant for the purposes of sterilization. In medical technology, it is not just cost considerations that play a role here but also the safe handling of plastic products due to their resistance to breaking. In many medical applications, transparent materials are also critical.


Playing an important role in the health industry, BASF plastics and polyurethanes provide remarkable resistance to tears, cuts, punctures and abrasions, while also retaining low-temperature, long-term flexibility. As a result, they're the material of choice for savvy manufacturers in the healthcare field.


Whether it's increasing the high burst resistance in medical tubes, or making wheelchair cushions more comfortable, there is no limit to the ways BASF can serve the medical industry.