Keeping energy on tap


From traditional energy sources to emerging alternative energy solutions like solar and wind power, BASF high-performance materials enhance durability and reliability for greater output and longer asset life.


Harnessing the winds of change


BASF is developing and supplying key products for the efficient manufacturing of modern wind turbines. Based on its long-term experience, BASF additionally offers its expertise with regard to chemistry and application. With its top-quality products and services combined with high reliability BASF contributes to the making of various wind turbine components such as blades, base and tower.


Polyurethane foams and special Elastan® polyurethane-based adhesives are completing the portfolio for the production of high-performance blades. Rotor blade coatings offer the highest weather-and corrosion resistance, excellent elongation - and tensile strength of break, and all this by the most cost-effective processing.


More than a match for UV rays


BASF offers a new solution on an old problem, creating new opportunities for design and manufacture of technologies for the photovoltaic industry.


Engineering plastics Ultramid® and Ultradur® PBT, for example, have proven their worth in construction and outdoor applications for many decades, BASF is now also able to offer materials for photovoltaic applications and solar thermal energy installations, such as structural components, fastening elements, frames and substructures.


The range of these PA and PBT grades is specifically optimized for the requirements of the solar industry and is noted for having the following properties: low creep tendency even at higher temperatures and loads; good dimensional stability; constant mechanical properties when subjected to weathering; excellent combination of strength and resilience; and outstanding strength even at high constant-use temperatures.


The COLO-FAST® polyurethane casting system offers quick, economical and secure framing of photovoltaic and solar panels. The UV-stable system can be used to replace aluminum frames typically used in the past and opens up a variety of frame design opportunities for customers.