Innovations just for you.


Get a competitive advantage with custom solutions and processes that put you ahead of the pack.


Sometimes all it takes is a little experimentation to set a new industry standard. New inventions and best practices don’t happen overnight, but they become more attainable, more quickly, when you partner with the right experts.


Solving your specific challenges.

Custom formulations are nothing new to us. With over 200 years of expertise in high-performance engineering plastics and polyurethanes, we’ve invented more than a few solutions in our time.


Your application might require just a small tweak to one of our existing off-the-shelf solutions, or a completely customized material or system. Either way, we can achieve it together.


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Practice best process.


Innovation also comes in the form of efficiency. Better processes mean better products. Products that get to market faster so you can run ahead of the pack while the others struggle to catch up.


Our process technology and product science development lab in Bud Lake, NJ, lets us support our customers with an intimate knowledge of plastics processing technologies — both standard and advanced.


Our advanced development engineers can help with developing new materials, new parts, durability testing and troubleshooting for existing products. Our lab is A2LA and ISO certified, allowing us to perform testing to UL standards, impact tests, creep tests (static load) and weathering.


From prototype to production, our experts can assist you with any phase of the product development cycle.


Capabilities include:

  • Co-Injection Molding/Overmolding
  • Extrusion
  • Fluid Assisted Injection Molding
  • Injection Molding
  • Water Assist Injection Molding (WAIM) Development
  • Advanced processing
  • Product and part design
  • New markets and applications
  • Equipment selection
  • Custom materials



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